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Immortal Taoists MOD APK -Because you are idle, this game requires very little effort and input from you. The majority of the game is automated, and you only need to manage it by deciding what happens when and who does it.

To begin, you must first create your game character. In this game, creating a character with various options is very simple, and you can customize it in every way.

Character creation also necessitates the selection of a base class for your character. One thing to remember as an Immortal Taoists Mod Apk player is that whatever class you choose, your game will follow the story of that class. So decide which one of the lessons is best for you.

Immortal Taoists MOD APK


The Immortal Taoists Mod Apk is a role-playing game in which you will be guided through the tasks and missions that you must complete at specific times after creating your character. You must farm, cultivate food, mine resources, hire and manage workers, and much more.

We will bring you the modified version of this game in addition to the Immortal Taoists version provided by the publisher, Entrepreneur Game. The Immortal Taoists mod will alter the game slightly so that players can quickly achieve their goals. To get more money, you usually have to go through a lot of levels. Instead, in the Immortal Taoists mod, you are given a large sum of money to spend however you see fit.

You can buy whatever you want in the shop without worrying about the price because it is free. The Immortal Taoist’s mod allows you to save a significant amount of time and money in the game. Together with the Immortal Taoists mod, they have the most powerful weapons and can overcome any challenge in the game.

Immortal Taoists MOD APK

Features of immortal Taoists Mod Apk

The features of the Immortal Taoists Mod Apk are given below. Let’s read them to get more insight into the game.

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Base level

As you know, the strength of your character is based on the development of strength. This cultivation is done manually at first, but when it reaches base level 1, the cultivation work is done automatically. In addition, other tasks are performed quickly and automatically at fundamental level 1.

Base tablet

It is not easy to reach basic level 1, and it requires a lot of effort. However, there are some basic medicines in the forest that can be taken. These will increase your chances of reaching that level very easily and quickly.

Several base classes to choose from

There are several different base classes to choose from. There are farm, scholar, orphan, and hunter options. You can go with any of them, and each brings its own story.

Character creation

Immortal Taoists MOD APK

You can create a character for your game by defining all the necessary physical characteristics as well as the clothes and posture that character will have. A large library of accessories is also available.

Your residence and workers

After entering the game and progressing a bit, the house will finally be unlocked. It’s a place where workers can farm to get resources, craft different items, and spend time with people who could be potential love interests.

The first and most important thing is how you recruit and assign your workers on the spiritual mountain and how you secure your labor to produce resources for your base. Similar to Chi and Farming Bases, these resources grow automatically every 10 seconds. The amount of resources produced depends on the number of workers assigned to each station.

You can start with a limited number of workers and distribute them freely across many stations. You can also pay for food to hire more workers. As each additional worker is hired, costs increase.

However, note that adding more workers to your house will increase their food consumption. In this sense, as you grow, you need to upgrade and assign more workers to feed your farm. It encourages you to always try. Otherwise, you will constantly run out of stored food.

Immortal Taoists MOD APK

Download immortal taoists mod apk

To begin downloading Immortal Taoists-Idle Game of Immortal Cultivation on your mobile device, follow the steps below:

  • Browse to and look for Immortal Taoists-Idle Game of Immortal Cultivation.
  • Choose the “Download APK MOD” option. There will be a pop-up warning on the screen, but don’t worry, just keep going.
  • To begin the installation, navigate to the APK MOD file that you successfully downloaded and select “Install.”
  • Finally, tap “Open” to begin using the app.


The Immortal Taoist Mod Apk is a game that does not take much time. Just manage a few things and most of the gameplay happens automatically. So do you have the skills to be a good leader? If yes, then download this game now and save your village.

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